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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Coris BioConcept SPRL Privacy Policy

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, Coris BioConcept SPRL has updated his privacy policy.

Coris BioConcept SPRL encourages you to read carefully this privacy policy, which applies to all visitors to the website


1. The responsible of your personal data

Coris BioConcept SPRL, Rue Jean Sonet 4A, 5032 Gembloux, BELGIUM

Business number BE 0459 020 430



2. Security

Coris BioConcept SPRL takes all necessary measures, which are technical or organizational, to protect information and private data against destruction, loss, theft, unintentional modification, damage, unauthorized or accidental access or every other unauthorized treatment.

Those employees who have access to your private data are restricted. This access takes place only for their duties at Coris BioConcept SPRL.


3. Collection of your personal data

The term "personal data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable person.

Your data are collected:

- Via the privacy form

- Via the "contact us" page

- Via phone call, contact by email

- Via Google Analytics

- Via business cards,

- ….

Coris BioConcept SPRL may collect your data via third parties, provided you have given your consent to these third parties.

Coris BioConcept SPRL collects the following personal data:

- Administrative data and contact data:

e.g. name, first name, email address, phone number, language, ...

These data make it possible your identification and to contact you.

- Technical data (via Google Analytics):

e.g. location, technology (operating system, browser,...) with which you visit Coris BioConcept website , ...


4. Data processing

Coris BioConcept may process your data for the following purposes:

- Reply to a request

If you submitted a request to Coris BioConcept BVBA about a product, to be recontacted or to receive commercial documents, we will use the informations you have provided to process to your request.

- Compliance with legal obligations

In some cases, Coris BioConcept BVBAhas a legal obligation to keep some data about you and/or communicate them to the authorities and/or courts.

If you do not want to be contacted again, you can inform Coris BioConcept by letter or by mail at the following addresses:

- Coris BioConcept BVBA
   Rue Jean Sonet 4A
   5032 Gembloux

Coris BioConcept does not communicate your data to third parties except:

- In case determined by law

- If Coris BioConcept BVBA is in obligation to do it under a regulatory or a legal procedure

- At the request of the legislative or judicial authorities

Coris BioConcept BVBA uses subcontractors such as delivery companies, distributors, … These subcontractors are not considered as third parties because they do some of the work of Coris BioConcept BVBA. Coris BioConcept BVBA ensures they manage your data in a respectful and secure way and that they do not transmit your data to third parties.


5. Your rights

According to Chapter III of the RGPD, you have the following rights:

- Right to information

- Right of access

- Right of rectification

- Right to work

- Right of imitation of treatment

- Right to portability

- Right of opposition


To exercise these rights, you can contact Coris BioConcept BVBA by letter or by mail at the following addresses:

- Coris BioConcept BVBA
   Rue Jean Sonet 4A
   5032 Gembloux

In the exercise of these rights, Coris BioConcept SPRL ask you to clearly indicate which treatments you are opposed to or which consent(s) you wish to withdraw.

If you wish to exercise your rights, we ask you to provide us with proof of your identity in order to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or use of your personal data. For this purpose, we ask you to provide us with a copy of your identity card. This copy will only be used to implement the rights you exercise.


For completeness, Coris BioConcpet BVBA also informs you of your right to file a complaint with the commission of privacy ( if Coris BioConcept SPRL does not respond to your request, refuses your request or if the reply does not match your expectations. You also BVBA this right in case you feel that the processing of your Data done by Coris BioConcept SPRL would be illegal.


6. Storage duration

Coris BioConcept BVBA keeps your data as long as possible legally. However, you can use your rights to have them deleted (see section 5. "Your rights").


7. Cookies uses cookies via Google Analitics.

"Google Analytics is Google’s analytics tool that helps website and app owners to understand how their visitors engage with their properties. It may use a set of cookies to collect information and report website usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is the ‘__ga’ cookie.

In addition to reporting website usage statistics, Google Analytics can also be used, together with some of the advertising cookies described above, to help show more relevant ads on Google properties (like Google Search) and across the web and to measure interactions with the ads we show." Google


8. Modifications

Coris BioConcept SPRL reserves the right to modify this "Privacy Policy".

This declaration was amended and revised the last time on 16/05/2018

Company contact information and company name:

Coris BioConcept SPRL

Jean Sonet Street 4A






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