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HAT Sero K-SeT (Human African Trypanosomiasis) : How to use the test !

HAT Sero K-SeT

Coris BioConcept launched last year the HAT Sero K-SeT. This kit is used for the detection of the Human African Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness), which is a life-threatening infection particularly virulent in sub-Saharan Africa.

Due to the hard working conditions scientists may face in Africa (extreme heat and humidity), this kit was specially developed to be easily used on the field. It doesn’t require power supply or any other equipment such as refrigerators which makes of HAT Sero K-Set a robust test that can stay at room temperature.


Here is below a new video showing how the HAT Sero K-SeT kit should be used.


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Don’t hesitate to go on the HAT product page to have more information.

Or simply contact us anytime to have answers to all the questions you might have regarding this video or the product in general.



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